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Main instructors

  • • Sachiko Hodota (Director of PARTY ROLL)
    A cook license holder, a dietary education specialist.
    Fascinated by the traditional Japanese food culture. Well acquired skills to make Large Sushi Roll (FUTOMAKI ZUSHI) and Hand-rolled Sushi (NIGIRI ZUSHI). Learning that there were different needs on food overseas through interactions with people in other counties, she began to have love of quest for new style of roll sushi with uncompromising view on health, the idea of local production for local consumption. With practicing experiences as a 15-year macrobiotic dieter, she introduces ingredients which are expected to have healthy and beauty effect. Successfully invented unique large sushi roll recipes to make healthy, beautiful sushi rolls, which are fun to make and fun to eat. Branded it as PARTY ROLL and now actively engage to make it popular by offering classes and seminars.


  • • Yumiko Okabe (A chef)
    A cook license holder. Trained as a chef at one of the prominent Japanese restaurants in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan and leant the basic of authentic WASHOKU (Japanese cuisine) . Now working as Okami (the proprietress-to-be) at one of the well-known Japanese ryokan (inn). Recently frequently appear in the mass media as a beautiful Okami. She offers sushi classes, etiquette sessions based on Okami’ s experiences and viewpoints, as well as Kimono-wearing.


  • • Yokorin Nitatori
    While working as an editor, she encountered the world of the Oriental Medicine through a client of a Chinese medicine-based pharmaceutical company. That opened up for learning the deep connection with the natural world and the mind and health. She leads PARTY ROLL classes with the motto of “Visually pleasing and healthy eating” in addition to the idea of casually spreading communication and social skills which she has acquired through the experiences of a therapist and an etiquette trainer.
    Also works as a subconscious activating coach and a therapist while posting articles onto a life style Web magazine “MYLOHAS”, a spiritual Web magazine “Trinity”.
    An advisor to Total Beauty Manner Salon led by ERH Hiroko Nishide. Also a sake sommelier certified by Sake Service Institute.


Kaori Itagaki (A painter)
Color Coordinator 2nd grade holder
CTI Co-Active Coaching Coach
Designed the face of KINTARO AME(boiled sweets) for a long-established AME shop.
A health-damaged experience made her known the importance of food and health, leading her to join the world of food. She offers a coaching session for instructors to make a successful lesson.

Bilingual instructors
• Yuichi Matsuoka (English)
An English teacher at one of the well-known English schools. Also teaches at a junior colleges. Good at making sweets.

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• Megumi Ikeda (French)
Herbal therapist. Good at French home-style dishes, which she learnt while staying in France, using a variety of ingredients including herbs and spices. Take on a teaching profession as she wants to deliver the message, in French, of how fun and easy to make PARTY ROLL


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