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PARTY ROLL is fun and happy sushi. It has been derived from Japanese “sushi roll” and has some 250-year history. Easy to make. Fun to make. It brings a smile to your faces.
First created in Tokyo, now embraced by people in other countries, spreading to Hawaii, Europe, South East Asia.
PARTY ROLL is right fit for a home party, Bento lunch and any everyday situations.
You can take a training course we arrange and obtain a certificate as a PARTY ROLL instructor if you wish to teach how to make them.


What is PARTY ROLL ™?

• Entertaining sushi. Make you smile and happy.
• Use natural ingredients with less stress on health.
• Nutritient-rich sushi with various grains being added.
• Sushi rice is flavored with vinegar and human-friendly sugar such as beet sugar.
• So cute that you change into a smile in one glance
• So cool at a party, event, festive gathering.
• You can receive a certificate if you are judged to have acquired required skills. You can work as an instructor.
• English and French classes are available.
• Halal and vegetarian classes are also available.

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Lessons and services we offer
Our bespoke lessons are now patent pending for their production method.
Lessons are taken place in central Tokyo, Japan.
Lessons are available for vegetarian, people who have allergies and/or specific religions. Please contact us.

One-day Workshop
• Target persons : All Shushi lovers
• Why not join us and have a PARTY ROLL lesson to have memories of the trip to Japan
• You can learn how to make PARTY ROLL in a short time. Fun and perfect for a party.
• Time needed: 100 minutes
• Fee: 10000 JPY Note. Minimum number of participants: 4

Please contact us for the fee for a lesson in foreign languages other than Japanese. Group discount is available. Please also check with us if you have a limited budget.

Diploma Class
Target persons: Practicing Sushi chefs, Japanese food chefs, and Sushi lovers
In this class, you learn a variety of designed sushi rolls. You will receive a certificate on completion of the class.
- Time needed; One day for the PARTY ROLL 2nd grade, two days for PARTY ROLL 1st grade
- Fees
Class fee(English Class) : JPY20,000 for the 2nd grade, JPY20,000 for the 1st grade
Certificate issuance fee: JPY40,000 for the 2nd grade, JPY20,000 for the 1st grade

We will issue a certificate, if you wish, after you have completed the required lessons should instructors recognize that you have acquired sufficient skills.
• A certificate is issued by the PARTY ROLL Sushi Association to those who are recognized to have acquired predefined skills.
• Those who are given a certificate will be qualified to work as a PARTY ROLL instructor.

Fees are non-returnable when once paid, if the participation is cancelled for your own reasons. You can reschedule a lesson if only you cancel it seven (7) days before the scheduled lesson.
Lessons may be rescheduled due to transportation condition affected by abysmal weather, instructor’s sickness absence, and other unavoidable reasons. In that case, we will ask you to reschedule the lesson on a different date.
You may be deprived of your eligibility for admission to take part in a lesson in case that you cause troubles instructors, other participants and the organization. In that event, the fee you paid will non-returnable.
Transferring your eligibility for admission to a lesson to any third parties is not permitted.
Recording a lesson or shooting a video is not permitted.
Taking photocopy of the handout materials is not permitted.
Please contact us if you cannot come to a lesson due to inevitable reasons such as sickness.
Feel free to contact us if you have any unavoidable circumstances or in trouble.


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